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Increase the brand’s identity without risk. Recruitment, acquisition and maintenance of performance-related relationships

We have modified our affiliate marketing services to allow our digital knowledge to flow from all channels. This means that you will get advice from affiliate experts who know how this affects PPC screens and your ads - this is very professional knowledge! Each package is independent of each customer and depends on your needs. However, each service includes an initial consultation with you and review of existing affiliate programs.

We provide fully managed affiliate marketing services for: improve marketing efficiency, increase your income, provide expert strategic guidance and providing risk-free solutions. We ensure that we become a neutral program manager and an external employee who performs the function as an internal employee. In addition, we continue to allow advertisers to maintain relationships with their affiliates and/or affiliate networks.

We have developed our own engagement principles, on which we build continuous improvement of our programs. Our principles are: the type of connection is determined by consumer behavior in all markets. Develop the program by investing in the assets you provide to your affiliates. Control the entire transition journey in cooperation with your best affiliates. Measuring the contribution of affiliate marketing to the entire digital marketing mix.

As specialists, Keratin Media have the strategic skills and knowledge to start a brand and maintain an affiliate campaign, as well as experience recommending the best networks for specific sectors or campaigns. Working with a specialized agency like Keratin Media provides the same level of transparency, responsibility, and access to an internally managed program, but with support, advice, and work experience in industries and brands.


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We know the industry of affiliate marketing and affiliate networks program for your online business.We know which affiliate networks are the best for your industry and we know how to build relationships that will lead to increased coverage of your product on these affiliate sites.